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Current Research

This is Group of Quantum Devices at Key Lab of Quantum Information, Chinese Academy of Science, University of Science and Technology of China. Our group is an experimental group in China whose research is focused on quantum transport properties of nanostructures and their applications for solid state quantum computing. These microstructures include semiconductor quantum well, quantum point contact, quantum dot and graphene.

For two dimensional electron systems in various material samples such as GaAs quantum well or monolayer of graphite, the group uses the standard transport techniques that are capable of detecting exotic electron states. There are various new phenomena such as the Quantum Hall Effect, Quantum Hall Ferromagnet, electric detected NMR, as well as the Dirac fermion.

For zero dimensional systems, known as quantum dots, electron spins isolated in quantum dots placed in the magnetic field provide natural two-level quantum systems. The group study the coherent properties of single and coupled electron spins, with the goal of realizing an elementary solid-state quantum computer. Especially graphene quantum dot opens up a fascinating world where electron spin can have long coherence time since there are few nuclear spins in this material.